Episode-260- 12 Permaculture Principles Applied to Modern Survival

Today I decided to continue on yesterday’s podcast about permaculture’s 5 zones and 7 layers and go over the 12 guiding principles of permacultre.  I also expand each one and explain how they directly apply to the overriding concepts of modern survival philosophy.

Today we name Barack Obama assclown of the day for opposing offshore drilling for US oil by US companies but supporting funding a 2 billion dollar “loan” to Brazil so they can you guessed it, drill offshore in Brazil.  We also name the Semper Fi fund as heroes of the day for the work they do for injured Marines.

Tune in today to hear the 12 Permaculture Design Principles and Alternative Views of Them…

  1. Observe and Interact – or – Be a Part of Things
  2. Catch and Store Energy – or – Be an Ant not a Grasshopper
  3. Obtain a Yield – or – Get an ROI on Your Efforts
  4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback – or – Don’t Kill the Golden Goose
  5. Use and Value Resources and Services – or -Be Efficient to Become Independent
  6. Produce No Waste – or – Make Use of Everything
  7. Design from Patterns to Details – or -Be an Artist and Step Back for a Longer View
  8. Integrate Rather than Segregate – or -Understand the Power of Teams
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions – or – Focus On What You Can Do First
  10. Use and Value Diversity – or – Practice Risk Reduction
  11. Use Edges and Value the Marginal – or – Seek Alliances Not Conflicts
  12. use Creativity and Adapt to Change – or – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

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10 Responses to Episode-260- 12 Permaculture Principles Applied to Modern Survival

  1. Didnt ASSCLOWN OBAMA say when he was running for president that we were going to start using our own oil what happened to that promise.

  2. “Don’t worry about the sirens folks, they’re not after me”

    No, if anything that would be the Black Helicopters, right Jack? 😀

  3. Dear Jack,
    Although I love the concept of diesel, and although diesels thrive on being pushed,
    it seems to me that they may be too high tec
    in the event of a disaster.. If you were driving a geo metro, you would be getting about the same or higher MPG and if it had a problem, you might
    be able to fix it.
    You might look into these high tec hibreds that are a future nightmare, and the basic cheap
    geo metro.
    great shows.

  4. Jarrod J. Williamson, Ph.D.

    Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

    When an OEF/OIF Marine or Sailor, or other OEF/OIF service member assigned to Marine forces is injured, their entire family shares the pain and the burden of recovery. Normal life is put on hold as loved ones travel great distances, at a moment’s notice, to be at the bedside, often for weeks or months. Recovery from major catastrophic injuries may take our service members several years to recover. The family members take leave from their jobs, often without pay, and incur additional expenses for child-care, lodging, travel, and other necessities. Few families are prepared for the expenses they face. They need help, and they need it quickly. The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund was created to meet this need.

  5. Michael Williams

    Did something happen with Intense Debate, where you could thread responses to individual posts; or is it just me?

  6. Michael Williams

    @Dan Hunter

    That is what B.O. meant by “change”, that he can “change” is mind about whatever he might or might not of said.

    @Joe DuPont

    Gas/Diesel/Solar/Hamster/etc. powered vehicles all have the pros/cons. It’s all a matter of preference and given the type of situation. One could probably debate the Metro with an ordinary bicycle in terms of reliability. In the end all that matters it what works for you.

  7. Jack

    Here it the sequence of books on Permaculture by Bill Mollison.

    Permaculture One
    Permaculture Two (Builds on Permaculture One) very rare
    Permaculture a Designers Manual – the bible on Permaculture (576 Pages)
    Introduction to Permaculture (Combines One and Two) but smaller that Desingers Manual (218 Pages)

    So if people want an introduction by Mollison they should try and source Permaculture One or Introduction to Permaculture.

    The best introduction to Permaculture is “earth user’s guide to Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow, she trained with Mollison and not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

    If you want a real treat then buy the designers manual after you have read a good introduction book. It can be sourced from Bill Mollison’s site at http://www.tagari.com/


  8. Sorry folks I meant that comment for yesterdays show.

  9. The Semper Fi organization is doing an honorable job to provide care for those who have made “the” greatest sacrifice that a person can make for his-her country. Did not serve, but I have great respect for all that have. All humans deserve affordable and good health care, but these people deserve even mor. It’s only fair they get the best medical care for the rest of their lives.

    I believe it is simply wrong for individuals to have to set up a system that takes up the slack of a mediocre health care system. These soldiers deserve more; so do the 911 rescue workers.

    I recently started this thread related to health care:

    Please post your comments so that we can provide each other with solutions to this difficult situation of the lack of affordable health care.

  10. Jack, I just finished listening to this episode (I do so in the morning on the way to work via the subway) and though I understood the concept of Permaculture; but as I don’t have any books on it, didn’t know the principles, thank you for bringing them out in such a clear and also survival-related way so all can appreciate their importance. I’m still looking at which book on Permaculture is the most useful to me (from both the concept and method of implementation, not specific crops (I have enough farm and gardening related books to help out with that and good seed catalogs (try to go organic) too)). I assume from your Book List that all are good, so it’s going to be a case of heading to the local Chapters (a large Canadian chain of bookstores) or my local BookCity (a local small chain) to sit and flip through a number and choose the most applicable one for me and my family’s use.

    Keep up the great show.