Episode-1166- The Fundamental Mentality of Modern Survivalism

Thanks to the media and Hollywood many people want to often differentiate themselves as preppers or  homesteaders vs. a crazy “survivalist”.   Personally I have a big problem with how the main stream has bastardized the word survivalist and refuse to let them change the meaning of the word.

Survivalist is made two parts

Survival – The state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

Now I simply would as you did you wish to “continue to live or exist” or not?

The next part is the suffix ist, that suffix means as follows, “one that performs a (specified) action”.

Hence a survivalist is one that performs in a way that they will continue to live in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstance.  Frankly that sounds like most people I know even if the typical sheeple don’t do this, most of them at least want to continue to exist.

So my term I coined  back in 2008, and to my knowledge I was the first to do so is “modern survivalist”, and as I coined the term I get to define it, I do so as follows,

Modern Survivalist – a human being who living in modern times is aware of both the risks and resources available to us in the current era who then utilizes said knowledge for the purpose of continuing to live well despite accidents, ordeals or difficult circumstances.

Summed up as “living a better life if times get tough, or even if they don’t”.  This resulted in my Modern Survival Philosophy made of 12 Tenets of Living that Better Life in the face of any catastrophe from the personal level to the global level.

Today’s show takes those components to a higher level based on the thought process.  Today’s show is both a starting point before the 12 tenets and a continuation after you have absorbed them.  So if you have never been though my 12 tenets before listening to this episode,

If you have listened to them, you may want to do so again, after todays show and see the bridge between these two concepts.

Join Me Today As I Discuss the Process of Awakening and Empowerment

  • Accept that there are many things to fear in our future
  • Immediately recognize fear as having only one use, awakening
  • Vanquish fear with knowledge and action
  • Prioritize based on order of probability/cost
  • Accept that others don’t want to know what you know yet
  • Define your dreams, yes I am dead serious
  • Build value in both your portfolio and your life
  • Accept that you will never be fully prepared
  • Embrace the life of your grandparents with modern technology
  • Never allow another person to define your questions for you ever again
  • Make lots of friends in your neighborhood, lots of them
  • Begin skill set development, based on your personal interests
  • Accept that you are responsible for your own life and permanent victimhood is a choice
  • Value yourself as much as others value  you, stay alive and happy for others
  • If you must take the lead in your family, just do it, but be nice about it
  • The best way to convince others is by success not incessant evangelism
  • When something goes wrong for someone  you know, be the FIRST responder

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30 Responses to Episode-1166- The Fundamental Mentality of Modern Survivalism

  1. I reckon that one fighting Aids, Cancer, or Diabetes must be one of those crazy wacko Survivalist as well. Damn them for wanting to live, love, and contribute to their families and society. Opposite Survivalism is stagnation, decay, and death. Keep it up Jack.

  2. The New Mike

    No questions asked I would like to watch a Jack Spirko how to start a fire video. I’ve heard you say this a few times now, and each time go… “I want to hear his technique”. The wife and I use a weber grill and use pine straw/sticks/logs (with a lighter) to do all our barbequing, and while we are getting better at it, I’m sure there are better techniques than what we’re doing. We tried a flint and steel (one handed version) and couldn’t get a damn thing to start.

  3. How far are yall below your yearly average in rainfall?
    Down in Houston we are at our normal average of 25 inches for this time of year with the next 3 months being our heaviest rainfall in normal years, if we don’t have a hurricane or tropical storm we should hit 60-70 inches without a problem, it’s been a normal year here all the lakes are close to full and fishing is great.

    Have a safe trip home!

    • Modern Survival

      We WERE about four inches behinds BUT the wife said it has been raining for days while I have been in Montana, sounds like we may have caught up.

  4. Best. Episode. Ever.

  5. Dynamite show Jack!

  6. Sorry to be off subject, but today is the 15th…deadline for the internship…any updates/word on the internship posted here on the blog last month? Anyone who applied was prepared to uproot and head to texas in two weeks, if one has been already chosen I’d like to know so that I can move forward and not keep those months in “suspension” on my calendar. Thanks!

    • Modern Survival

      We did indeed select a candidate for the first tour of duty, details will be released this week. Let me say there were no bad applicants and it was very had to decide on who we wanted to give the single slot to.

  7. I was just listening to episode 457 – putting your household in order. After listening to the current episode it was like Jack was beating some things into me that i have been putting off! Thanks buddy, Ill get right on it.

  8. Thanks a lot Jack! In the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about how various forces have tried to repurpose the term “survivalist” into a slur with such negative connotations. Hearing your input has helped me identify the how and why.

    Now I can define and defend the term in a more logical and effective manner.

  9. Re: Episode 1166
    Awesome conclusion, inspirational . It struck me funny that for a person who has never read Atlas Shrugged, you did an incredible job of summarizing Galt’s speech without even knowing it.
    Great show as usual. Thanks

    • Modern Survival

      People keep saying stuff like that and it is actually one of the things that keeps me from reading it. I know that might seem weird.

  10. @41:56 you say, “hit with catechism.” I had a fleeting image of the apocalypse being flying nuns converging on my position. I can somehow hear their voices and see their rulers. Good episode, thanks for the unintentional humor.

  11. +1 to Jake’s “Best. Episode. Ever.” So many dynamite moments.

    “I have not become Tony Robbins.”
    “Your granny woulda slapped you upside the head!”

    Shared this every place I could. This episode sparked a couple thoughts–will be sending you a PM.

  12. sirlordbaltimore

    Great show today Jack!!! The subject of mental health and victimhood was a very interesting one. Got me really thinking about the state of our current culture and society. I see an increased need for mental health professionals of the non Pfizer persuasion in the future. I wonder if there are any “prepper friendly” therapists you could have on the show….just a thought. I’ll definitely be sharing this show with those that are close to me.

  13. Jack this episode hit me like a brick. Help me out here – I’m 42 and have been working consistently since I was 15 at jobs I don’t like. I am that guy who, if challenged, could not figure out how to be happy myself without happiness being contingent upon somehow serving others. Any tips on how to figure this out? I’ve been pondering this for a few days and came up with nothing.

    • Modern Survival

      Start very basic, get a notebook, make lists what I want and what I don’t want in my life. Don’t focus on jobs just stuff like

      I want

      No Debt
      To take daily walks
      To have more friends

      What I Don’t Want


      The first stuff will be typical, do it for a few weeks and force yourself to get more and more specific. The human mind is amazing, we just need to use its computing power.

    • I’m going to start doing that challenge… just letting it flow…

  14. Thanks Jack. I’ll give it try.

  15. Can we get more of these “therapy” shows 😀 I love them. My biggest problem is success guilt and seeing the world as a zero sum game.

  16. I freaking loved this episode of the podcast! I love all your permaculture podcasts, but this episode has to be one of my favorites. You explain the mentality I have so well and you validate so much of my thinking. But I learned some lessons while I was listening as well. I am so grateful for you and your show. Keep ’em coming 🙂

  17. Jack Spirko is back! Modern Survivalism is one of the most common sense, helpful mindsets, ideas, way of life, etc… that I have heard of in my adult life.

    Thanks for getting back to basics of what you made you, the Jack Spriko we know.


  18. One of the best podcasts Jack has ever done. Awesome!

  19. Ronnie in Iowa

    Really needed this one. It seems like for every step forward I take, something happens to knock me ten steps back. I must remember to continually take that one step forward no matter what. Everything I have learned from TSP has been put to use in one way or another and often times folks say ” go ask Ronnie, I’ll bet she knows” and generally I do or I tell them to give me a minute and I’ll have their answers. Your knowledge is OUR power.

    All we can do is the best we can do and no matter what, even a little can be a lot when times get rough. I may never reach the level of preparedness I would love to be at but I’ll never stop trying no matter what obstacles get in my way.

  20. lisapaintergirl

    yes- Excellent episode!

  21. Excellent episode Jack! I have been storing water for years in plastic soda bottles and Arizona Tea jugs. Some are 4 years old now and I use them for watering my houseplants when they get that old then clean refill and re date. Probably 80+ gallons in these alone not including the ag tote(for the garden) filled with rainwater in the back yard. Thanks for all you do.