10,000 Twitter Followers

I don’t really work twitter very hard but I do share information on it quite a bit.  Just like facebook I get a lot of new stories and stuff that I can’t put on the air due to time issues but I share them with followers via twitter.

So I have never really paid attention to my twitter stats very much but today right after I published the Jeffrey Tucker episode I was on twitter and saw something really cool, it said my followers were 9,999 and thought, oh crap if I get one more it will say exactly 10,000.

Well I hit F5 figuring if Jeffery shared stuff on twitter two I might pick a few new folks right away, turns out when you are at exactly 10,000 twitter says 10K, it just so happens that right at that very second I got my 10,000th twitter follower.

I know there are people with million of twitter followers so hitting 10K may not seem like a huge deal but given our space and demographic I think it is a pretty cool thing.  Further, I also thought it was cool to actually by total chance catch the exact moment of hitting my 10,000th follower.

Whoever you are, thanks for the follow!

I wish I had not gotten so excited and hit refresh so fast and grabbed a screen shot of the 9,999 screen, but it is too late for that.  I did manage to catch the exact moment of the 10,000th you can see it below.

Let me pause for a second and say thank you to all of you who listen to and support the show.  Cool milestones like this could never have occurred if not for those of you who have stuck by our side though so many growing pains all the way back to June of 2008!

Click for a full sized view

Click for a full sized view

7 Responses to 10,000 Twitter Followers

  1. Nice. I hope BOF gets there someday!

  2. Sweeet. Just started following you a few days back.

  3. kudos! take that image and put it on your FB page…

  4. Gator Bee Gal

    Awesome Jack! Congratulations! Josiah – you’ll be there before you know it 😉

  5. Nice!
    I know a national radio guy on Sirius that had some issues getting to 10k and he’s been on (XM) since literally the day they launched.

  6. MichiganNimrod

    Awesome Jack! Reminded me of this quote from Gary Vaynerchuk… it’s not directed at you, I know you appreciate your audience, just made me think of it.

    The thought that low numbers of human beings can somehow be irrelevant is ludicrous. The absolute number just doesn’t matter. You could have 100 followers, or 1,000,000 followers, all it takes is for one tweet to be noticed by one person, and the word-of-mouth plumbing that social networks are can take care of the rest. — Gary V

  7. I’ve been looking for an area to move to here in Texas where the agri. is sustainable and like-minded folks around. Any suggestions. I listen to your podcast when I can and really enjoy your show. Thank you for what you do and any advice you could give me.