Details for the TSP 10 Year Anniversary Party

We will have a private bar, a personal wait staff and private room for our 10 year anniversary.

If you are one of the lucky listeners to have signed up for the 10 Year Anniversary party here are the details for this Saturday Night.

We have chosen a private room at Meso Maya in downtown Fort Worth and the date of course is Saturday, August 11, 2018.  The food at this place is off the hook and we have a special custom off the menu line up of Tapas (small servings) for everyone.  Everyone gets two of everything, which should fill everyone up big time.  This is what we are going to be having…

  • Tostada Siberia – Bite sized brisket tostada serbia with avocado, pickled jalapena crema, queso fresco and chile de arbol salsa.
  • Puntas Picosas – Prime steak bites with red chile guajillo salsa.
  • Tacos Dorados – house rolled crispy taquitos with chorizo
  • Camarones A La Diabla – white mezatlan shrimp with red chile guajillo salsa
  • Tostaditas – crispy corn totopos with chicken and melted chihuahua cheese, lettuce, tomato and cilantro.

This is all included at no additional cost to those attending.  You may order addition food directly at your own cost but it is not likely that most people will feel the need.  Drinks are order and pay for your own.

We have a private wait and bar staff dedicated just to us for all three hours of the party.  Long time friend of TSP and frequent AV support at our work shops “Hatch” will be providing DJ services.  And hanging with Hatch is always cool.

Valet parking is complementary for all attendees and will be just out in front of the restaurant.  Dorothy and I are pre tipping on the food and base service but if you are ordering drinks and what have you please tip the staff well.  They are going to work their butts off for us and servers and bartenders live on tips.

The party is 6-9 PM and they will let people head upstairs about 15 minutes early.  The address is 604 Main St #100, Fort Worth, TX 76102 which is walking distance from Sundance Square.

SPECIAL NOTICE – Do not, I repeat DO NOT get suckered into going to the location on Hulen Avenue, that is the one that pops up when you search google maps and most other GPS based stuff.  Again the location is 604 Main St #100, Fort Worth, TX 76102.   To avoid any confusion this link is to a google map of the exact location.

Attire for this is about anything you want.  I’ll likely be wearing jeans and a T-shirt to drive the point about that home.  You an dress up as much or little as you like but this is a bunch of folks having fun.  It is Texas in August, so it is gonna be about 100 degrees, so don’t over do it.

If you were in the second group of sign ups that is being charged 25 dollars a head you can simply pay Dorothy anytime during the event.  We are not doing a sign in sheet or anything like that.  If this is you then by now you would have gotten a text from Dorothy about it  If you didn’t get a text from Dorothy, just assume you are in the first group and don’t owe anything at the door.

Some special guests at the party will include….

  • John Pugliano of Investable Wealth
  • Patrick Roehrman of Mt Knives
  • Nick Ferguson of
  • David Seigler – Frequently Mentioned on Air
  • Nicole Sauce of Hollar Homestead Coffee
  • Michael and Teresa Croft – Lead Cooks/Staff at all TSP Workshops
  • Greg Yows – Writer and Singer for “The Revolution is You” TSP Theme Song
  • And about 60 more of the coolest people you will ever meet

If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments below or email me directly.  If your question is “can I sign up to come now”, sorry but the answer is no, the head count is now locked in.

ONE MORE TIME – Again the location is 604 Main St #100, Fort Worth, TX 76102.   To avoid any confusion this link is to a google map of the exact location.


4 Responses to Details for the TSP 10 Year Anniversary Party

  1. *Reads dresscode. Unpacks ballgown and opera gloves sndand returns them to closet*

  2. makes me   =(   that I’ll be missing this

    sounds like a great time

  3. Looking forward to meeting everyone 🙂

  4. Man I wish I could be there for this event. Two years ago I got to see a TSP Workshop at Jack’s place and met some of the best people in the world. You guys who are going, ENJOY.

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