Will You Be at TSPs 10 Year Anniversary Party – Aug. 11 2018

We will have a private bar, a personal wait staff and private room for our 10 year anniversary, will you be there?

It is hard to believe but it was been almost 10 years ago when on June 20th, 2008; I got into my car and did the horrible recording that ended up as Episode One of TSP.

That was the beginning of the only thing in my professional life I have done for 5 years in a row let alone 10.  The reason is simple, when I started doing this, I figured out, for the first time in my life I was really doing what I wanted to do, teaching and making a difference in the lives of people.   And doing so on my terms and on the terms of those I was speaking to.  A completely voluntary relationship.

In these 10 years I have had incredible successes and some true failures as well.  A journey worth taking is full of ups and downs, and this decade of TSP has been full of both.  But in the end you guys stuck with me.  One month into TSP I had about 25 listeners and set a goal to grow to 1,000 by the end of 08, we slammed that number times 2.5 and hit 2500.

Today I checked this month’s metrics and we averaged about 189,000 downloads a day over this month.  When I look at that and think of the life I have today I am so eternally grateful to you guys.

I am not a guy big on dates and such, but some of my friends and my wonderful wife pointed out that this is not about me, it is about TSP and the community and it should be celebrated.  They were right.  Sadly we are going to have to limit attendance to 50 people.  It won’t be a big multi day event but it should be a lot of fun.

We have chosen a private room at Meso Maya in downtown Fort Worth and the date will be August 11, 2018.  Doing it on the actual anniversary day is just not practical as I will be soaking my butt in the ocean on Sanibel Island that day.

There will be no charge and Dorothy and I will be covering food for everyone with a special assortment of 5 amazing appetizers.  The folks there say that should really be enough for everyone to eat but we will also have our own dedicated wait staff and bar tender for the entire event.   Drinks will be order your own, and I have personally trained them to make Spirko Margaritas.

The 11th is a Saturday night and we selected Down Town Fort Worth because there are many hotels in walking distance.  We plan to Uber there and possibly hit another bar (Bird Cafe has an amazing one) before heading home.

I will provide more details soon and we will have a way to reserve your spot set up soon as well.  It again won’t cost anything but will be reserve your spot in a first come first served manner.  Of course MSB will be given first dibs and a few close friends will get personal invites.

In any even stay tuned for more details and I will announce the time we will begin accepting reservations well in advance.  We felt 50 was a good number, it will be intimate enough that I can spend time with everyone, and it should be an amazingly good time.

As to the location, Dorothy and I found Meso Maya recently and we just love the place.  The service is amazing, the food is totally off the hook and the room we have is just perfect.  I hope to see many of you there.

19 Responses to Will You Be at TSPs 10 Year Anniversary Party – Aug. 11 2018

  1. Wow 10 years, its goes by quick.  I started listening around early 2009 when I started watching some of the Ron Hood videos and came across this podcast.  I have learned so much overs the years and the community has been great!  Thanks for all you do and here’s to another 10 years!

  2. Man, looking forward to this!

    Unexpected and great announcement!

  3. How big was your audience at the peak? How many listeners?

  4. Justice W Kelly

    I wonder if that download count includes those of us using services like Podcast Republic and other apps to listen…
    Congrats Jack, I was hit or miss on listening around #60-80, as no service covered our area. Since about 250, hit every one. Shared many times with others, and hope they had their eyes opened.

    • Modern Survival

      Some yes, some no, it depends. Things like Stitcher they actually grab a copy and then syndicate so you don’t know how many downloads you have and they don’t tell you either. I don’t know why. Things like Itunes point to your server and you see the downloads strait off it. Other services are one way or the other so yea there are more, I just have no real clue how many.

  5. Holy crap I feel old.

    Thank you jack for everything. Haven’t been able to listen too much these past couple years, some jackass I listen to encouraged me to get off my ass and I’ve been too busy.

    After listening to you for about a year, i become and instructor and started teaching concealed carry classes, bought a range trap, skeet, and sporting clays range on 65 acres, own over 80 bee hives (and still selling out my honey), have egg layers and meat chickens, meat turkeys, and two pet ducks. Plus a bunch of other crap I tried.

    Thank you Mr. Jack.

  6. Hope I can make this.  Was thinking about the Fall workshop but this may be more doable as I have a lot planned this fall already.

  7. I started in 2009. Jack thanks for the time and education. I will try and convince the wife to come down with me if we can make it.


  8. Abigail Shafer

    WOW!!! I’m already looking up a hotel!! My husband and I are really thinking about trying to make it!!! I’m sure you will keep us updated on the details!

  9. Great milestone, Jack.  I won’t be able to make it as I live in CA and struggling for 1A and 2A here but it’s where I am for now.  I started listening about 18 months ago and am an MSB member.  I appreciate all the great thought and info.  It has changed my thinking quite a bit and sent me into a totally different direction.

    Congratulations to TSP!!

  10. Hello Jack,

    Not able to attend in person, but am able to hoist a stein and drink to your milestone and blessings for at least another 10 years or more.


    G R E A T A C H I V E M E N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for all you do, and I am welcoming rewind episodes, while you, the Great Lady Dorothy and your loved ones take some well deserved time off as a family and then some.



  11. Michael Lynn

    I found TSP via Steven Harris. I am extremely interested in energy and I listened to an interview that Jack did with Steven Harris back around the 400’s. I thought, “You know, I like this guy and his concept.” I’ve been listening ever since.

  12. Toni Melvin

    How awesome is that! I started listening to you Jack the first week in July 2008! You have indeed taught me sooo much. What you guys are doing to celebrate is so wonderful! Wish I could be there. I am in Weatherford and Poolville often to help my Mom. But I try to stay away from Texas in August! 🙂 Have fun and a great big CONGRATULATIONS

  13. Sean Hoover

    Jack, it just doesn’t seem that long ago. I wasn’t there at Ep. 1 but I got there as soon I could. I actually enjoy going back and listening to the mobile show, it demonstrates just how far you’ve come. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  14. Gregg Yows

    I wanna go! Congrats Jack! It’s been an inspirational journey for all of us.

  15. Keep up the good work that you do! MSB member since 2013. Found you scrolling through iTunes.

  16. Do Lifetime members have priority?