Updates and Changes to the MSB

I am always working hard to continue to update and improve the Members Support Brigade.  Well in the last month or so a LOT has been added and improved.  I figured many of you might have missed some of the new improvements so here is a list of what has been added and updated in the last two months.

  1. Terroir Seeds – Now offers 10% off all Purchases
  2. 180 Tack – Now offers 10% off their 180 Stove
  3. Harvest Eating – Now offers 15% off all store items
  4. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus – Now offers 10% off all purchases
  5. Doom and Bloom Survival Medical Supplies – 10% off all items
  6. JM Bullion – Discounts on orders of $300 dollars or more
  7. Backwoods Home Magazine – Changed their offer to 20% off a new subscription
  8. NoDak Arms – 5% on all ammo, 10% off reloading of your own brass
  9. Next Level Training – 20.5% off all self diagnostic training gear

Additionally there are about 30 additional vendors offering discounts and over 150 dollars in free eBooks, so as you can see our commitment to improve the MSB in 2012 has been a huge success.  Just wanted to be sure all active members were aware of the new additions.

Considering the MSB, Get in on the Oct. Sale!

I am also going to incentive those of you who are on the fence with a sale until midnight on Tuesday the 23rd. Use discount code “october12” to get your first year for only 40 dollars.

You can learn more and join the MSB Here.  Those who wish to pay by mail can just write the discount code on the mail in form.  Those paying by silver will receive two extra months (14 vs 12) instead of a direct discount.

Yes you can pay for multiple years if you pay by cash, check or silver and apply the discount to every year.

SPECIAL NOTE – Military, LEOs, First Responders and Peace Corps members, prior service or active duty, email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with “service discount” in the subject line before you join, the service discount is better then the sale price and it applies to renewals.

5 Responses to Updates and Changes to the MSB

  1. Jack, Your web pages have become very slow to load lately. Even after the downtime for maint.

  2. Jack
    Still very slow loading.
    Thank you for all you do.
    I’m prepaid for another couple of years and don’t mind a bit when you take time off or are down for maintenance, because I KNOW you are the Best and doing all you can to constantly improve things.

    But your recent 1,000th episode seems to have smoked your servers and everything still loads slowly. I know you are working on it. Just wanted to say thanks and we understand.

  3. Is there a list of the ebooks somewhere?

    • Modern Survival

      @Mike they are listed on the sign up page linked above. If you mean where are they in the MSB they are in the download section.

  4. The MSB has been a great investment for me. I have saved many times over the cost of the membership and it would be worth it just for downloading the show. Keep up the great work.